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* Please note: Subliminal is not a toy. Subliminal does help you achieve
* measurable real-world results. There is serious brain mechanics
* knowledge behind any decision we made.

# Constantly on Top 100 Grossing Lifestyle apps list in US Mac App Store since 2011 #

Your brain hates change. Your brain loves status quo. When you want to change, your brain tries to stop you. Conscious change is hard thing to do, unless you can send a message directly to your subconscious, without getting blocked. Messages received this way have great power. They are truly life changing. Subliminal app makes sure that they are under your control.

Short, strong messages visible only for a few milliseconds are received below your conscious sense of perception, which means that your conscious self can't use old tricks to stop you.

Subliminal overlays everything, even in full screen mode — full screen apps, youtube, face time and most of the games. It displays messages on top of everything except for screen saves when it kicks in. We haven’t find single game when Subliminal doesn’t work but it is possible that some of them, that we didn’t encounter, overrides top screen layer that we use. Subliminal also works with multiple monitors. If you have more than one, Subliminal will display messages on all of them.

How do you know its working?

Subliminal messages have to flash very quickly so they pass your conscious attention, in order to have real effect. It is possible to notice them if you concentrate really hard, or look at the in-app counter. Next message will always flash when counter reaches zero.

In normal use just set messages, close main window (but keep app running) and carry on with your normal work -- message will register unconsciously even if you can't see it (or can't see it clearly). It is there and it has to flash that way in order to have effect.

Any number of selected messages will play randomly. Message is selected if you check checkbox on the left of each message you want to be active. It is good idea to have two or three of them so your brain can't be sure which one did flash, even if you notice message flashing. More than three is OK but not that usual, less than two and your brain knows what to expect (this way nullifying any effect).

Some users want 'many messages every millisecond'?

Plese make sure to understand how Subliminal messages work. That is not how messages should appear. Subliminal app uses carefully choosen defaults in order to achieve maximal possilbe effect.

You can't cleary see the message, want it to appear slowly and stay longer on screen?

Seeing message clearly is the same as having sticky notes app on top of your desktop. As effective too. That's not how subliminal messages work.

Is there customer support for this app?

Oh yes. Please contact us, some fine people are just waiting to answer.

You can test Subliminal and see how it works

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