Don't break the chain

Accomplish things on a daily basis. Create a habit of doing something every day, mark an X on a calendar each day you do it.

Don't break the chain is the concept of accomplishing things on a daily basis. If you have something you’d like to create a habit of doing every day, mark an X on a calendar each day you do it. After you’ve accumulated a few X’s, you won’t want to break the visual chain you’ve created.

★ Figure out your goals. Typical goal can be "Write", "Code, "Work", "Exercise", "Clean", "Stop Smoking" or anything else that is important to you.

★ Set daily minimums for each goal. Things like "I will run one mile" or "I will put away 10 stray items" work better than setting a time limit.

★ Set your boundaries and rules. Don't break the chain app allows you to skip day if you really need to do that, without breaking the chain.

★ Monitor your progress. As soon as you finish one daily activity, use bottom color bar to check off activity for that day. You can use different colors to color-code different daily progress.

There is brilliant article on Lifehacker that additionally explains Don't break the chain technique.

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